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Ever wonder who's at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center organ's keyboards? Wonder no more.

How do you get to Turner Hall? Practice, practice, practice. Also, it’s not a bad idea to bone up on how to fix the occasional stuck pedal, says Andrew Risinger, Organ Curator for the Nashville Symphony. Playing the organ comes naturally to Risinger, a preacher’s kid from Tyler, Texas. He’d … read more

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We're looking for a Project Manager! Must love Giant Jenga, stupid dog photos & have an interesting answer to what kitchen appliance you are. Plus be amazing at all the stuff it says here:Project Managerwww.linkedin.comThe … read more

Dear ABC's Nashville, If you must film in the generic alley next to our office AND get between us & our Harris Teeter subs, … read more


We're hiring a Project Manager in #Nashville. Must love Giant Jenga & stupid dog photos. #Nashvillejobs #jobsearch 08/28 08:36 am
Dear @Nashville_ABC: If you must block our access to subs at Harris Teeter, at least give us shirtless Deacon. K Thx. 08/26 03:44 pm

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