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There are a lot of things people love about Cheekwood. Kelly Terrell’s favorite is a bit surprising. “It’s something we call the ‘sick bed,’” Terrell laughs. She quickly clarifies, “But nobody’s ever really sick!” The “sick bed” is actually a small couch in Terrell’s office where kids can come when … read more

The up-close approach helps Sarah Drury separate true valuables, such as these silver candlesticks, from the cheaper stuff.

Nashville art & antiques appraiser Sarah Campbell Drury relies on book learning, hard science & a good eye.

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The latest Unsung Nashville goes behind the scenes in the unique — and surprising — world of appraisal. Drury sees everything from $63,000 cookie … read more

The stapled wrapping paper may have left something to be desired. We believe the American flag made up for it. Happy (late) birthday to … read more


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