Nancy Henderson

  1. By the Numbers: The Power of Statistics

    Everyone loves playing the percentages. You find them filling up incredibly cool-looking infographics and looming large in PowerPoint presentations. Speakers emphasize […]

  2. Queen Bee

    What’s the difference between Sourwood and Dark Wildflower honey? It’s the kind of question Carol Hagen answers weekly at the […]

  3. Cool Down a Hot Potato Topic

    Did anyone make it through election season without getting purple in the face in reaction to a friend’s social media […]

  4. Top 10 Outdoor Fall Events in Nashville

    Grab a sweater (it could get chilly out there) and consider this Top Ten list of Fall events your starting point.

  5. Complicated Topics, No Jargon

    When messaging must reach people who are not immersed in industry jargon, using it just creates confusion. So how do you translate a tough topic to a broad readership? Here are 3 good ways.

  6. A Friendly Face in the Crowd

    Like many recent transplants trying to navigate downtown Nashville, Coloradan Kevin Stevenson needed some guidance. A little lost, a little […]

  7. How to Find Your Employee Hero

    Successful internal communications put a spotlight on employees who show the company values at work. The trick is to find them. All it takes is a shift in thinking, developing a few discovery tactics and letting go of an image of the “perfect” story.

  8. Lessons in Storytelling from a Sausage Biscuit

    After getting a biscuit with sausage breakfast sandwich one Sunday morning, I realized that I had seen the power of storytelling in action.

  9. Top 10 Nashville Runs With a Twist

    We all know those dedicated runners who are quick to explain how pounding out mile after mile has changed their […]

  10. Write Shorter: 3 Ways to Get to the Point

    Getting to the point can be tough. Here are 3 easy ways you can edit yourself to make your writing stronger.

  11. The Tutu Mistress

    When Christen Heilman Runyon, who works in the costume shop for Nashville Ballet, sits back after a long session at […]

  12. Boom Town: Making the July 4th Fireworks Spectacular

    When everyone else is exchanging midnight kisses and screaming, “Happy New Year,” David Spencer is thinking about the Fourth of […]