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  1. Analytics: A Love Story

    Just like the novice dater faced with a wealth of possible matches, when you first dig into analytics for your business you’re probably going to be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of what you see.

  2. 3 New Year’s Resolutions for Your Business Blog

    ‘Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions. You may be swearing off junk food or spending more time at the […]

  3. Reaching the Heart of Healthcare

    My dad passed away unexpectedly last month. I went home to Illinois for a week to spend time with family […]

  4. Don’t Overlook the Easy Wins

    I’m fairly certain that one reason Parthenon keeps me around is that I’m a relentless reader and learner. What I […]

  5. Top 13 Local Nashville Holiday Gifts

    Nashville’s traffic is getting worse but our shopping is getting better. We want to make your life easier with the 13 best Nashville holiday gifts for the Music City lover in your life.

  6. Cool Down a Hot Potato Topic

    Did anyone make it through election season without getting purple in the face in reaction to a friend’s social media […]

  7. No Story Untold

    Lawyer and historian David Ewing gives Nashville history new life online

  8. 28 Great Nashville Small Businesses

    500,000 and counting. That’s how many small businesses call Tennessee home, and many are based in Nashville. It says a […]

  9. Thanksgiving 2016: Parthenon Takes a Turn Down Gratitude Lane

    Yes, it is the official season of gratitude. As a husband, father, son and friend to many wonderful human beings, […]

  10. Telling time

    When visiting Ridley Wills II at his home, don’t plan to settle in too quickly. Within a few minutes of […]

  11. Staying Nimble: A Lesson from Inbound 2016

    “I had a keynote I had prepared that I was gonna give. Some of y’all know what’s about to happen…” […]

  12. Alt Text, SEO and Good Karma

    OK, content gurus, try this one on for size: Your site’s content has been optimized and SEO’d to the point […]