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  1. Complicated Topics, No Jargon

    When messaging must reach people who are not immersed in industry jargon, using it just creates confusion. So how do you translate a tough topic to a broad readership? Here are 3 good ways.

  2. 6 Most Important Blog Metrics

    If your company has been blogging for a while without seeing an increase in website traffic, it may be time to rethink your strategy. Blog metrics can help you understand how your audience is finding you and the type of content that you should feature.

  3. The Customer Persona, Revisited

    A persona refresh forces you to rethink how you view and communicate with customers.

  4. A Friendly Face in the Crowd

    Like many recent transplants trying to navigate downtown Nashville, Coloradan Kevin Stevenson needed some guidance. A little lost, a little […]

  5. Laracon 2016 Takeaways!

    I recently returned from my first Laracon, Northern Kentucky’s largest Laravel developer conference, and I had an incredibly interesting and […]

  6. Is My Social Media Campaign Working?

    I started a social media campaign — now what? You know your goals for your social media campaign (more Likes […]

  7. Top 10 Free Outdoor Activities

    Our 10 favorite ways to get off the sofa and out in the world in Nashville in the summer.

  8. Rally The Troops: Getting Buy-In For Corporate Initiatives

    Remember the “all employees must attend” meeting late on a Friday afternoon? If so, you’re not alone. It usually meant […]

  9. Engaging Your Readers the Old School Way

    The writing team here at Parthenon is made up of a bunch of rockstars. The nice part of my job […]

  10. Why Your Website Is Like a Car

    You have a website. You either paid someone money to create it or you paid with your own time to […]

  11. Using Facebook to Fill Healthcare Seminars

    Seminars are a great way for hospitals to reach out to patients with a particular medical issue. If they’re marketed […]

  12. Top 10 Happy Hours in Nashville

    Eating and drinking. What’s better? The answer is nothing — except doing both cheap. To wit: the 10 best happy hours in Nashville now.