Our 10 Favorite Holiday Marketing Tactics of 2013

From Halloween to Valentine’s Day, you can’t walk into CVS without running smack into a holiday. Whether you live to deck your halls or your real celebration only begins once your in-laws leave, there’s no doubt seasonal celebrations have reached critical mass. And marketers have not forgotten that.

Luckily, some have figured out how to inject a little life into a sometimes-stale cycle. Here are our 10 favorites of 2013.

IKEA’s Valentine’s Day Offer

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Cutting through the schmaltz-fest that is Feb. 14, IKEA Australia offered a free baby bed to any parents whose baby was born exactly nine months from Valentine’s Day. They placed the ad in a hard copy newspaper and didn’t even post it on their own social channels (don’t look at us – we don’t run that show), but the ad was shared on Facebook and retweeted thousands of times by multiple people who enjoyed their fresh take on romantic marketing.

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