The Importance of Links in Emails

Including and utilizing links within your email marketing campaigns is important to guarantee that your links are working for you – that they are investigating what your readers like and helping you generate new content – all while maintaining your email’s charm.

Once you’ve crossed the biggest hurdle of getting someone to open your email, continuing to keep their attention is facilitated by the quality of the content and the information provided within external links. (For more information about the Five Stages of Viewing an email click here)

Discover What Readers Enjoy

Tracking links enables you as a marketer to determine what your readers are enjoying about your email and what they don’t – measurable by which links they are clicking on and which links they are passing by.

Links Help Target New Content

Once you see what kinds of links your readers are clicking on, that will help you generate more content based on what they like. For example, if your email readers are only clicking on retail coupons and ignoring tips/tricks for new product uses, then you could create a coupon section of your email that would be consistent on every eNewsletter send.

Links Draw in Readers

One great way to feature a wide array of content – but still maintain the visual charm of your eNewsletter – is to tease the reader with strong introductory text. Showcase a small snipit – two to three sentences – of an article and then link to the full article by a “More…” link.

A good example of this is an eNewsletter that we’ve developed for one of our clients: Gut Check.

If providing valuable content for your readers is one of your goals, then including links within your email sends should be on your checklist.