B2B Website vs B2C Websites

Is crafting an engaging website targeting consumers very different from creating a website for a business-to-business client? According to this article on B2B Magazine’s website, the answer is no.

BtoB magazine worked with a panel of web experts to determine the the top B2B websites in 2009. As the article explains, most of the experts feel that the fundamentals needed to create a great B2C site are pretty much the same in the B2B market. In many ways, I agree. Sites need to be clear, concise, easy to navigate and well designed. Using buzzwords and talking about yourself is out and talking with your customer is in.

Where B2B sites have lagged behind – social media – it is apparent that they are catching up. Consumers in both B2B and B2C markets are expecting honesty and transparency in communications, a trend fueled by the candor of social media. The use of social media is very apparent in most of the sites B2B Magazine mentions.

The article lists the top 10 sites as determined by BtoB magazine. Do you think the article missed any other great sites?