Sprouter: A New Social Networking Tool to Grow Ideas

Do you have a great entrepreneurial idea and want an unbiased – yet experienced – opinion? Asking family and friends what they think of your brainchild or next business venture can be helpful, but wouldn’t it be ideal to get feedback from fellow entrepreneurs experienced and knowledgeable in your industry of interest? Sprouter.com, a social networking website launched in public beta on Nov. 9, allows individuals with similar career goals, interests and ideas to connect with one another, share ideas and receive and give feedback.

Sprouter.com works much like Twitter in that you sign-up for a free account, make short posts (under 140 characters), receive and give feedback to other users using the @reply method, have trending topics, chose to follow individuals and have followers. The major difference is that, unlike Twitter, Sprouter promotes intellectual and business-related conversation between individuals who may not know each other but have similar interests, goals and entrepreneurial ideas.

When first joining Sprouter, you must answer the question: “What are you working on?” Answering this question immediately gets you into conversation with like-minded individuals with valuable input. Once Sprouter is able to narrow down your area of interest, the site makes suggestions of what other people you might benefit from following. To find out more about the networking possibilities this site has to offer go www.sprouter.com.