Parthenon Is Thankful for…

The Parthenon Team on the Nash Trash Tour

I’ve surveyed the office to find out some of the many things that we’re thankful for this year. This list is by no means exhaustive but it does hit on some of the high points of things we love about working at Parthenon and just some fabulous things about life. So in no particular order, we are thankful:

  • To work with creative people who always want their work to be the best it possibly can be, who aren’t satisfied with delivering something that is just “good enough.”
  • For the addition of new Parthenon team members: Matt Southards, Matt Bigelow, Heather Newman, Tim Ghianni, Lauren Margolis, Natalie Jones and Christa Schoenbrodt
  • For a wonderful group of clients who give us the chance to do great work and make a difference
  • To have so many truly good people in my life. Family, friends, co-workers….I feel privileged to be surrounded by people who are smart, funny and have good hearts.
  • For diet cokes in our kitchen and the frequent delivery of donut holes
  • The addition of new clients: Fender, CapControls, Jason Foundation, MAPCO, and Catalyst Heathcare Research
  • For the dedication and care toward the written word demonstrated by the writers who contribute to all of the Parthenon publications. I learn something every day because of them.
  • Twitter lists (isn’t it about time?)
  • Clients who appreciate the importance of Web strategy, setting goals and site optimization
  • For laughter