An Online Magazine Success Story: Unum One

Our last Parthenon Post (our enewsletter) featured an article about how best to present print magazine content in a web format. Our basic take is this:

One magazine email sent to employees”What readers want from a print magazine is not the same as what they want from a digital experience. People enjoy the portability and tactile experience that magazines offer. No matter how jazzy the user interface, digital editions cannot replicate the experience of consuming a physical magazine. And, while computer screens are getting larger and more brilliant, the basic design — “the user interface” — of a magazine feature story is not ideal for consumption via a computer screen.”

Basically, we are not huge fans of typical “digital editions” of magazines.

But what if a client wants to produce an online magazine? This was the exact question posed to us by one of our clients, Unum. Unum wanted to drive traffic to its intranet sites as well as provide a new way for employees to engage with the company’s quarterly employee magazine called One. Parthenon worked with Unum to create an online version of One magazine – but we made sure the web-based edition was formatted to work on the web.


Employees were sent an email that was designed to entice recipients to dive deeper into the publication. Teaser text was linked to full versions of stories located on One magazine’s website. The website encouraged readers to leave comments and discuss what they were reading.

A story from the online version of One magazine

The result is an engaging, fun and informative web experience that received rave reviews from employees:

– “I loved the way this online magazine was laid out. Especially how you could click on the question and give a comment that becomes part of the article for people to read later on.”

– “Excellent publication! I was moved to tears with several of the stories. Thank you for allowing employees to see inside the “family” of Unum. It’s a great addition to our communications regarding community relations outreach. Well done!”