Ten Items to Avoid in the New Year

If you had to list ten things not to buy in 2010, what would be on your list? SmartMoney.com has some advice. The website recently released its list of the ten items no one should buy in the coming year.

A few of my favorites:
1. Home phone service. Mobile phone use continues to grow and fewer people are bothering with home phones. The CTIA-Wireless Association states that 20.2 percent of all households are wireless only and almost 90 percent of Americans own a mobile phone.
2. DVDs. With NetFlix and on-demand movies from your local cable company, who needs a DVD?
3. CDs. See #2 and substitute iTunes or Pandora.
4. Gas Guzzling Cars. Oil prices continue to rise and oil companies are really enjoying their record profits. We will never again see gas priced below $2 a gallon.

There was one item on SmartMoney’s list that hit home: Newspaper Subscriptions. As ad revenue and overall circulation decline, fewer newspapers can afford to stay in business using traditional business models. SmartMoney predicts that tools like Amazon’s Kindle will continue to erode an already shaky industry. True, but as you have probably read on this blog before, we contend there is still room for print products.

What would be on your list of 10 things to avoid purchasing in 2010?