Tech Showdowns in 2010 (1 of 3)

As consumers continue to adopt new technology and integrate it into their lives, competition for their attention will increase substantially. As such, 2010 promises to be an exciting year for digital innovation and adoption. Unlike competition in more traditional industries, competition for the digital hearts and minds of consumers competes on features far more than on price.

My top three competitions to watch in 2010 are Google vs. Apple, Google vs. AT&T, and Google vs. Microsoft.  In today’s post, I’ll explore Google vs. Apple.

1.  Google vs. Apple

Google and Apple have long enjoyed the cozy relationship that stems from a dominant common enemy:  Microsoft. As Google and Apple have grown, however, their relationship has become strained. When Apple rejected the Google Voice app in a move to protect AT&T, the FCC launched an investigation into Apple and Google’s relationship.  Google CEO Eric Schmidt subsequently resigned from Apple’s board, launching a heated rivalry between the two tech giants.

In recent months, Apple has purchased Placebase – an online map company, as well as Quattro – an online advertising company, and narrowly beat out Google in a bid for La La Music, an online music company. Google beat out Apple in a bid to acquire AdMob, a mobile advertising company in November 2009. Google has also launched an offensive on Apple’s iPhone business with Android, a smartphone Operating System used by several phone manufacturers like Motorola and HTC, and just launched their new Google NexusOne phone this week.

Other areas of competition are Chrome vs. Safari, YouTube vs. iTunes, and Google Music vs iTunes.

Here’s an infographic from the Wall Street Journal that depicts the layers of competition between Google and Apple:


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