Parthenon’s iPhone Picks

Apple’s App Store

Apparently there really is an “app” for almost anything. According to Wired magazine, Apple App Store topped 100,000 available apps in November. With that many apps to choose from, where do you start?

I surveyed the Parthenon team and came up with a few recommendations.

Happy App Shopping!

Bobby Stark, President:
USA Today Autopilot: Great app for the business traveler. Get weather, track flights and delays, and get travel-related content. Also, it integrates with Tripit (another great app and LinkedIn addition), so all your personal travel plans are right there.

LinkedIn: if you haven’t downloaded the app, do so. If you have, make sure you have the new release. The new app has a much improved interface and is a huge improvement for keeping in touch with connections on the go.

ESPN ScoreCenter: Get real time scores on your favorite teams, divisions and sports, all customized by and for you.

Nancy Henderson, Editor:
Zillow: Because you can wave it around and find out home prices in the area (and that’s just plain nosy fun).

Lose It: This app calculates how many calories you can consume each day to reach your goal weight in a set time, and lets you keep a running calorie count – food and exercise – to make sure you hit the daily mark. Use it regularly and it keeps you honest. I know someone who lost 20 pounds that she attributes to Lose It.

Google: Because the voice search does exactly what those old sci-fi movies said we would be doing in the future.

Carlton Davis, Vice President of Operations:
Shazam: A very cool app that helps you identify music (and then buy it) that you hear on your radio, TV – or even hum.

Guitar Toolkit: This app offers an electronic tuner and chord charts – great for musicians.

Eric King, Web Programmer:
Pandora and Last.FM:
Instant Internet radio.

Craigsphone: This app allows you to take the power of Craigslist and put it right on your phone.

Background Check:
This app searches billions of public records and compiles – instantly – information about your friends, neighbors or anyone else you want to learn about.

Elizabeth Tyson, Client Associate
Words with Friends:
This app offers an ongoing game of Scrabble that you can play with your friends or people who are near by.