Does the iPad Create New Kinds of Storytelling?

In Parthenon Publishing’s video of the week, we got a glimpse of what the future of storytelling on Apple’s iPad might look like with the following demo:

Created by Atomic Antelope, a software design studio specializing in apps for the iPad and iPhone, the demo may seem chaotic and confusing at first. But to me, it reminds me that, normally speaking, all new media do two things:

  1. They promise to offer new kinds of storytelling.
  2. They actually offer stories created for older media, re-purposed for the new medium.

Examples abound. Early television newscasts featured men sitting behind desks and reading the newspaper aloud before other formats evolved. Early newspaper and magazine websites were virtual copy-and-paste jobs from their print sisters. And I would argue that even popular e-readers offered a new medium without necessarily altering the content.

But now, the iPad is promising to change all that, and the demo above provides a great example.

I’ve already listed here a few publications I’d love to see on the iPad.

What do you think?