Social Media Claim Check

I was as wowed as the next person by the onslaught of information in this video about the importance of social media. And then a contributor to the Huffington Post news site pointed out that none of the “facts” in the argument were sourced, advising “so take it with a grain of salt.”

I’m not addressing the validity of the argument here — I actually do believe that social media is a game changer in communication. And, we have mentioned this very video before on our blog. But as an editor who often works with clients who don’t have a background in reporting, I see lots of “urban myths” worm their way into communications.

There’s a reason that never runs out of urban legends to investigate. The most diligent of us will believe bad information, especially when it makes a good story.

The Internet gives us access to an incredible amount of information. We need to be able to assess what is reliable from what is not. A great story should have a primary source — coverage in a reputable newspaper, magazine or website. Before repeating a fact, know where it comes from.

Watch the video here: Socialnomics.