Magazine Readership Shows Growth

According to a report (cited by just released by GfK MRI (formerly Mediamark Research & Intelligence), magazine readership in the United States is slowly growing – a fact that is worthy of grand celebration in an industry often declared as “dead.”

How did your favorite magazines perform over the past year? listed highlights from the report, including:

The Good News:
Fortune rose 3 percent
GQ rose 11 percent
Men’s Fitness rose 8 percent
The Economist rose 1 percent

The Bad News:
Men’s Health fell 4 percent
Esquire fell 6 percent
Men’s Journal fell 8 percent
Businessweek fell 6 percent
Forbes fell 1 percent
Money fell 3.5 percent
Newsweek fell 14 percent
Time fell 5 percent

Which magazines were the most popular in terms of growth? The answer proves that geeks read offline as well as online: Future’s Official Xbox Magazine grew 42 percent, PC World was up 39 percent and Life & Style Weekly grew 31 percent. The Handyman Club of America’s magazine, Handy fell the most at 24 percent.