New and Improved Google News

For those of us who like to read news from a variety of sources, a website that aggregates the news is ideal. Usually, my first go to location is my personalized Google home page, where I have a large number of feeds that “aggregate” in one place. However, Google News just introduced an upgrade to their news service – and it may be worth a look.

The new service allows you to ask for “more news” from publications you select (CNN, BBC, People, Time, etc.) and less news from other publications you also name (in my case, Fox News, anything sports, etc.). From there, you can also select if you read certain types of news “Never,” “Sometimes” or “Frequently.” Apparently this will help them determine just how often to serve up specific content.

The set up process takes less than 5 minutes, and the results were pretty good. Not quite as tailored as setting up your Google home page with specific RSS feeds, but the news did seem to favor my preferences.

Fast Company’s Dan Nosowitz wrote about the topic this morning and is giving the revamp a good review. The author summarizes the changes by saying, “I really love the new changes–Google’s merely adapting to the patterns we already have. We all care about local news, we all pick and choose stories, and we’re all essentially lazy. The redesign addresses all of those concerns. And, of course, if you don’t like the changes, you can pretty much ignore them.”

What do you think of Google’s changes? Do you use Google News?