What Not to Say at Work

In an office environment, it is inevitable that at some point we might start sounding like our cubicle or office neighbor. I don’t know if I do it to “fit in” or if my brain just soaks it in during the course of the day. Maybe it is a little of both, but I’m guilty of using phrases or words that seem to be spreading like a cold virus, and not just in the workplace. They’re everywhere.

I know I’ve used the word “whatever” recently, and I don’t like it. There seems to be a revised version making the rounds lately, too. Maybe you’ve heard it? “It’s whatever,” or the shortened “Whatev.” I used to keep a list of words or phrases I never wanted to hear or use again. I decided to dig it out.

My list includes: “It is what it is.” Surely you can think of something better to say than this? It’s worse than “Because I said so.” Another one is “Kill me now!” Well, if you keep saying that when frustrated we might take you up on it. Finally, this phrase might not be used as much at work, but I’m sure you’ve heard or used it yourself at some point. “You can’t miss it.” I have discovered, based on years of personal research, that any time someone uses this phrase when giving directions you are bound to miss it. In fact, I believe you are cursed to miss it. Never say this if you want the driving experience to go well for the people you are giving directions to.

I was amused when a recent business story I saw online validated my distaste for the top phrase on my personal pet-peeve list. After reading the story, I decided I need to add a few more to the list of what not to say at work or elsewhere. See if you recognize any of them here.