Designed to Spark Interest

When I saw the latest cover of Esquire magazine, I was immediately impressed.
“The Impossible” issue has done the impossible.

The magazine uses a cover flap ad as a brilliant design and edit element. Technically, it matches up so exactly that it is nearly invisible. Then once the reader opens the half-page flap, a new headline is revealed. The cover line “The Impossible” becomes “It’s All Possible.” The inside flap is an ad that is mirrored a few pages into the issue as a gatefold ad.

Many other publications fail to master the technical aspects of printing flaps. Lining up the typography is difficult but worth the money and effort for the effect achieved.

Esquire has had some controversial cover flaps in the recent past; with industry insiders arguing about whether the design innovations they come up with threaten editorial integrity.

I’d argue they split the difference pretty well on this one.