Using Twitter to Counter Negative Reviews

After a lousy dinner at a local restaurant, you may be tempted to post a review of your experience on Twitter. What you may not expect is an instant message back from the restaurant addressing your concerns.

According to a recent article by the Associated Press, more and more restaurants – from local hot spots to national chains – are recognizing the power of being a part of the online conversation. Some restaurants have set up Twitter accounts to receive comments from consumers. Others are simply paying attention to what is being said about them via social media.

National chains may have more resources to throw at social media (Chipotle and Pei Wei have several full-time social media employees, according to the article), but even a small local eatery can have an impact if they just take the time to pay attention and address concerns. Online monitoring tools can help track conversations that happen outside a company’s corporate Twitter account, and responding sincerely to negative AND positive tweets can make a big difference in how a consumer views your brand.

Have you ever posted a review of a restaurant on Twitter? Do you use other services like Yelp or UrbanSpoon?