Political Stalking or Voter Education?

Legistalker Logo

In the spirit of election week I thought I’d spread the word about an interesting site I’ve been made aware of, www.legistalker.org.  Legistalker.org is a one-stop shop where you can stalk follow the online activities of your favorite, or not-so-favorite members of Congress.  It compiles recent news stories, Tweets, YouTube videos and more into one intuitive site.

This site consists of profiles of congress people and functions such as an “Add to Watch List” that allow you to personalize who you’re keeping an eye on. These profiles also link out to bios, websites, and provide contact information for each politician.  There’s even an option to view a sorted list of who is making the most online waves.  So, if you feel the urge to get in the loop with Nancy Pelosi, watch Mitch McConnell’s last ad, or just keep an online eye on your own congress person, this is a great place to start.