The Top Marketing Charts of 2010

Do you know the number one reason people “like” companies on Facebook? Are mobile campaigns more effective than online advertising? Which day is the best day to send an eNewsletter out to clients?

Answers to all of these questions – and more – reside in “A Year in Numbers” Top 10 Marketing Charts and Research Articles of 2010, a very interesting compilation of articles by Ann Handley, the chief content officer of MarketingProfs.

Here is a sample of just one of the many interesting charts the article includes:

Motivations for Following a Brand (Exact Target Research)

According to the information MarketingProfs gathered over the past year, 2010 saw a decrease in email open rates, an increase in the success of mobile advertising campaigns, Twitter beating out Facebook at Fortune 500 companies and the rise of LinkedIn as a lead generator for B2B companies. And Sunday is the new “hot” day to send emails.

The article is packed with information. I encourage you to check it out.