Get More Mileage Out Of Your Content

Last night I was thumbing through an issue of Esquire and came across a unique graphic to spell out how they were using multiple platforms to publish related content for the month of February.

Each platform compliments the other with added value of exclusives found only on that particular outlet. Hopefully this strategy is already in place for your brand, or you’re at least thinking this way.

I’m not talking about republishing the same piece over and over; I’m saying, have additional content that you can’t find on the other platforms. Current fans of your brand will love the additional pieces they can consume in other ways. It’s also great way to hook new fans who may only be participating on one platform and luring them to others for more.

Let’s say I rarely go to Esquire’s website, but if I knew there was additional, related content (like a video, download, pictures, etc) online or on my iPad, I’d check it out. Think of the opportunities to then grab that person and engage them even further on the new platform (either for yourself or advertisers). This should be integrated into your strategy every time you are producing new content.

Think of creative ways to get more mileage out of your content by adding value to all your publishing outlets.