All Covered Up

The pundits who keep saying that print magazines are dead obviously haven’t spent a lot of time at

The site is chock full of evidence showing that magazine covers are alive and well. The front page is an immediate hook, pulling in the viewer with bright and varied imagery. Not only is this type of layout eye-catching, it also allows for a lot of covers to get packed onto a page. Given that we’re talking magazines, and everyone has their favorite one, or type, that’s smart.

And while the viewer can spend plenty of time looking at the newest covers on display, it’s well worth a trip to the Categories section as well. Here you’ll find links to secondary pages with such headers as “sexiest,” “controversial” and “award-winning,” plus a nod to premiere issues, as well as great art direction/directors.

And really, even though she’s a little passé, you’ve just gotta love a site that gives Kate Moss her own entire section.