Fearless Blogging

Anyone who ever dismissed the idea of blogging because they felt that it was a young person’s medium should check out My Mom’s Blog. Written by 85-year-old Millie Garfield, and read by people of all ages, the site blends humorous everyday life observations with opinions on movies and books.

Ms. Garfield, who uses the byline Thoroughly Modern Millie, admitted in a recent interview that she didn’t even own a computer before she started the blog at her son’s suggestion. “He gave me an old computer and two weeks later I was blogging,” she told Lou Hoffman for his business blog, Ishmael’s Corner. She’s not a huge Twitter fan, but she has done some tweeting.

Though she does get some technical help from her son, Ms. Garfield is diligent about posting once a week. “Most seniors should blog” she says. “Don’t be afraid you’re going to break something. There’s nothing to break.”

Now that’s good advice for anyone, no matter what their age.