The Technology Waiting Game

Having been stung one time (OK, a few times) too many by the urge to buy a shiny new piece of technology the day it comes out, I decided to take a “wait and see” attitude with the iPad. I waited so long that now there’s a new model out. And if I wait any longer, I may be waiting well into the fall.

The horrific human toll from Japan’s double disaster of tsunami and earthquake has rightfully dominated news coverage, and humanitarian efforts will take precedence for some months go come. But now some information is starting to emerge about the businesses affected, and how their damaged factories will mean a gap in the supply chain for some key iPad parts.

According to a piece in the March 22 New York Times, Apple (and other tech companies) will see some supply hiccups in a few weeks, once current stockpiles are depleted. Because Apple tends to run fairly close to the bone on supplies, it may be affected sooner than other manufacturers and their products, according to industry analysts.

Long story short, stores many not have as many of these goodies in the coming weeks, and what was a two- to three-week wait at the Apple Store’s site earlier this month has now stretched to four or five weeks, and could go longer by this summer. So if you’re thinking about snagging a new iPad, and maybe even a new iPhone, now’s the time to get that order placed.