Turning Buyers Into Customers

Here is a great video of business strategist, Valerie Maltoni, explaining how businesses can talk to customers so they listen. She believes technology can help transform buyers into returning customers and explains the difference between buyers and customers. Buyers are people with many singular transactions whereas customers are buyers who decide to come back two, three, or more times to purchase from a brand they believe in. Social media not only helps transform a buyer into a customer, but it encourages that new customer to bring along their friends.

She had some really good points including the challenges she sees for many businesses. One problem can be communication when the business isn’t ready to get personal with their customers. The other (that we often help our clients with) is poor marketing. Bad marketing is just a symptom of a misaligned business model, she says. Maltoni suggests to look at the changes that need to happen to your business before dumping loads of resources into branding and communications. Basically, figure out where your business is, where you want it to be, then develop the plan to get you there. Build a proper foundation and the customers will come.