Find Your Favorite Paper (Or Not) With Interactive Site

The number of newspapers continues to decline at an alarming pace (at least for those of us who’ve worked in the industry for more years than we care to admit), but a few stalwarts still remain.

Want to see who’s still spilling barrels of ink daily? Then visit this site, a part of the Newseum’s interactive offerings. More than 800 newspapers worldwide have agreed to take part in this exercise, so scroll to your heart’s content and sample front pages from around the country, even the globe. (They’re not edited in any way, so the content of some might throw you. As the Newseum says, “discretion is advised.”)

What’s the Newseum, you say? It’s the print media junkie’s Valhalla. More than 250,000 square feet and seven levels of galleries, theaters and more, all devoted to news, in the center of Washington, D.C., near the Smithsonian complex on the National Mall. How it’s gathered, how it’s made and, these days, how it’s remembered. For those who might not quite get the point, there’s even a 74-foot marble engraving of the First Amendment at the front.