Helpful Tools For Managing Digital Content posted an article today with a list of 25 Tools for Content Marketing Collaboration, Productivity, Monitoring and Distribution.

Lots of good tools made the list, many of which are favorites of ours too, including:

  • HootSuite for social media collaboration, monitoring and scheduling
  • Basecamp for internal collaboration and file sharing
  • Google Alerts for basic Web monitoring and awareness

A few that didn’t make the list, but ones I use on a fairly regular basis:

  • BackPack, from the makers of Basecamp, a collaboration calendar and organization tool
  • Kurrently for searching Twitter and Facebook posts in real-time. I’ll also add Topsy for searching for older posts.
  • SEO Book’s Keyword Density Analyzer Tool is a great resource when writing or checking out competitors’ sites

What tools do you find most helpful?