Pin Interests with Pinterest

I consider myself a pretty organized person. But one area I can never keep up with is tracking things I like — I have miscellaneous pages ripped out of magazines and book titles, scribbled on post-its. The Internet offers even more places to find pretty dresses, cool craft ideas and yummy recipes. It can be frustrating, though, because there’s so much “stuff” to sort through, bookmark and organize. I just need a place to store my findings and a place to get inspiration.

Enter Pinterest.

The Basics
Users create boards, organized however they’d like — by category, color, day of the week, etc. They pin things from the Internet or repin other users’ finds.

How to Pin
Pinterest is a social media catalog. Users have a “Pin It” tool in their browser’s bookmark bar. When they see something online that interests them, they “pin it”. For example, I’m looking at shoes on and click the “Pin It” tool to pin a pair. The tool displays every image on the page (see exhibit A) and I select the pair I like.

A window pops up (see exhibit B), where I can write a quick blurb about the item, mention people or add a price, with the option to share on Facebook or Twitter. I also select which of my boards to save it to.

Sharing Pins and Boards
The social component of Pinterest is familiar yet unique. You sign up using your Facebook or Twitter account and automatically “follow” people you follow that use Pinterest. You follow the users’ boards so you can unfollow boards that don’t interest you and still follow ones you like.

Pinterest is an open-sharing platform and all boards are public. You can browse, repin, like and comment on anyone’s pins without having to follow them. The homepage is a constant plethora of interesting pins or you can browse pins by category or keyword(s). You don’t have to leave the site to create a board full of inspiration!


Who likes: The site features a lot of home décor, recipes, fashion, crafts and photography, and has a feminine edge. I’d guess the community is made up of and would appeal to women ages 25-45.

What for: It’s a way to share ideas and organize your inspiration. I think it’d be a good tool to organize a booklist, create a wardrobe wish list, plan a wedding or decorate a bedroom.

Why different: No private content. It’s your personal expression but not your personal information.

What’s wrong: There is an iPhone app but it’s still working out some kinks. I’ve run into invalid pages while exploring the site.

How: Pinterest is invitation-only (read more about those, here). You can request an invitation here: