eNewsletter Subject Lines: Tips to Write Them Right

email-spamCreating a good eNewsletter can be a time-consuming process, from creating a relevant edit slate to writing content to designing the finished product. When done right, the time and effort invested in an eNewsletter pays off by helping consumers connect with your brand.

But long before someone actually reads your eNewsletter, he/she has to be driven to click on it amongst the hundreds of other emails in their inbox. That’s where the subject line comes into play, giving readers a taste of what they’ll get if they open your email. Too many times, great eNewsletters get skipped over due to poor subject lines.

Here are 5 tips to keep in mind when drafting subject lines:

Include your company name. It may seem like a waste of space, but including your company name in the subject line will ensure receivers know who it’s from and prevent them from marking it as spam.

Get to the point. The subject line is supposed to provide recipients with a teaser of what they’ll find in your newsletter; there’s not enough space to beat around the bush. A MailChimp analysis of more than 40 million eNewsletters found that the following straightforward subject lines were among the most successful in terms of open rates:

  • [COMPANYNAME] Sales & Marketing Newsletter
  • Invitation from [COMPANYNAME]
  • [COMPANYNAME] May News Bulletin!
  • Upcoming Events at [COMPANYNAME]

Make it short and scannable. Most people quickly scan through their emails to find the ones most relevant to them, so get your message across in the least amount of words possible. A TamingTheBeast.net article suggests keeping subject lines to a maximum of 51 characters to account for the varying display lengths in email services.

Get creative. Being clear and concise doesn’t mean you can’t use your imagination. Use alliterations, word puns, etc. — anything to entice the recipient to click! Just don’t take it so far as to confuse the reader.

Avoid spam-filter triggers. There’s nothing worse than having your eNewsletter delivered straight to your recipient’s junk mail folder. To avoid this, stay away from using spam trigger words such as “free,” “discount,” “sex,” “guaranteed,” etc. Even certain characters, such as the dollar sign or exclamation point, or using all caps can trigger spam filters, so avoid them as well.