Engaging Customers to Share your Content

Facebook Like ButtonSanjay Dholakia is CEO of Crowd Factory, the leading provider of crowd-powered marketing applications. In an article for Mashable, he wrote that it’s not enough to enable your content to be shared, you have to creatively encourage it from your fans.

Why should I share your product’s campaign? Here are five good ways your brand can answer that question.

1. Increase the payoff by leveraging crowd responses. Groupon and Living Social have based their entire business model on the idea that people will encourage their pals to join in if they get a little something for their work. A product has to rally interest with enough people before Groupon releases it for deep discounts to the masses. Sharing your Living Social purchase can lead to you actually obtaining your product for free if enough friends follow your link and purchase their own.

2. Offer exclusive products or deals. Fans who share can be rewarded with early access to content. For example, signing up on a recording artist’s mailing list will win you one free download of their music.

3. Appeal to their altruism. Clarisonic donated a dollar to the Look Good…Feel Better program for every “like” they received during their campaign. The program puts the power of beauty back into the hands of women battling cancer.

4. Give fans the power to create the offer. Giving them the ability to choose what product should be offered to the masses encourages them to share the discount with friends online by saying, “Hey, help me by voting for this.”

5. Reward the super fans. Once you can identify who they are, provide them with preferential treatment. Giving them special products, discounts and access to insider items ensures they’ll keep spreading the news of your brand.

One of the most effective marketing tactics is influencing others through their social circles. So try utilizing the power of social marketing to increase your brand awareness while leverage the effectiveness of every marketing dollar.