Content Development: Easy Transitions

How do you keep all those paragraphs smooth while changing subjects from sentence to sentence and paragraph to paragraph in content? The answer is transitions. They are very useful when you use a variety of words that fit the content and tone.

Transitions keep an article or piece of writing moving, but many people forget to use them, or they don’t know how. On the website for Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing, it shows how graduating to better transitions is much like going from a B.L.T. sandwich to a gourmet “Top Chef” masterpiece … panini?

For example, many transitions can be used for specific points such as to show time, comparisons, conclusions, clarification, locations and to emphasize a point. Next time you reread your piece and it is missing something to bring it together, try adding a transitional word, phrase or sentence to keep the article flowing and the ideas understandable.

The University of Wisconsin’s writer’s handbook shows where and when certain transitions are appropriate. But here are a few to get started with using in content to make smooth transitions.