Market Research: As Easy as Point, Click, and Shoot, Thanks to frog

Who comes up with those award-winning, original product designs that change our lives and are worth billions of dollars? You! Or at least you can play a part in the market research that goes into it.

Frog Design Inc., the global design firm famous for its Snow White design language used by Apple in the 80’s, is gathering valuable product information from around the world with the help of a volunteer coalition of ordinary people armed with cameras.

While traditional market research methods involve time-consuming questionnaires or complex product testing, the “frogMob” provides frog with free, fast, and geographically diverse images that facilitate the development of innovative ideas.

Here’s how it works: frog proposes a concept online for further research, such as product packaging or mobile computing. The frogMobsters have a week to submit a photo that relates to the topic. Frog then uses the submissions to quickly identify patterns and track trends around the world and across various markets.

By analyzing the photo submissions, the team at frog can see what works, and what doesn’t, among the existing pool of similar goods while assessing the current needs of consumers. This helps frog come up with better and more original product designs.

Jan Chipchase, the Executive Creative Director of Global Insights at frog design, notes that the frogMob system isn’t without flaws. “Like all good methods, it’s a work in progress.”

The most obvious pitfall is that only those with cameras can be frogMobsters. However, it gives people around the world the chance to perform field research and influence product design. After all, who doesn’t want to say that they helped think of the next big thing?

Take a peek at their “Active Mobs” to see what the frogMob is getting into next.