Is Google+ Thriving?

When Google+ first arrived, the clamor about how it would forever change the way we communicated and the jeopardy it posed to Facebook seemed pretty ominous. Would Google+ turn out to be the end-all-be-all choice over Facebook or find its own niche alongside Facebook as another up-and-coming social media outlet? Well, it appears that Google hasn’t exactly taken down Zuckerberg. Even though many question the network’s potential, Google+ still offers a number of features not found anywhere else at the moment. According to .net Magazine, these are the six reasons Google+ still rocks.

  1. Hangouts

    You can real-time video chat with your buddies or use it for work purposes. Everyone can collaborate in real time from across the world.

  2. Hangouts on Air

    It’s the same idea as Hangouts but with the addition that an unlimited number of users can watch the chat (but not participate).

  3. Post Protection

    Privacy has been a huge issue with Facebook. Google made the right decision by highlighting its privacy features such as managing who in your connections can see each of your posts.

  4. Data Migration

    If you want to manage your Web presence across multiple networks, Google+ has you covered through it’s “Takeout” service. This service allows you to download Web albums, profile/stream/Buzz/circle data in one fell swoop.

  5. Streamlined News

    Google+ supports hash tags and real-time searching so you can follow a breaking story in real time and be notified of new content when it appears.

  6. Brand Pages

    Brand pages are finally launched so businesses can begin their own presence on Google+. There’s also a unique feature called Direct Connect that is essentially a brand-specific search integration that helps users connect easily to a brand profile.