What is Parthenon Thankful for?

The Thanksgiving holiday gives all of us a chance to pause and reflect on those things for which we are thankful. While we all have our individual lists for personal thanks, at Parthenon we are thankful for:

People – We come to work every day to work with smart, dedicated and creative people. We all work hard, but doing so with this group of people to produce great work for our clients makes the time fly by.

Clients – We are fortunate to have attracted and retain a great group of clients who have entrusted their critical communications efforts to us. We have become partners with them in an ongoing effort to engage their customers, employees and members.

Technology and Tools – We are thankful for tools we use every day – lots of hardware from Apple, software from Adobe, growing platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. These technologies and tools have increased our efficiency and effectiveness and enabled us to produce results only available to much larger companies not many years ago. For that, we and our clients are thankful.

Work Environment – We are thankful for our new office space. We moved our office two months ago for the first time in nine years. Our new space, with its nice surroundings, lots of windows and wonderful workspace has given us fresh energy, improved our teamwork and made us more efficient. We didn’t realize the impact of your surroundings could make on how we work.

We recognize that each of us as individuals have more important things, such as family and good health, to be thankful for. But as a company, we are thankful for these things. Without them, we wouldn’t be the company we are today.