Twitter Brand Pages Becoming More Like Facebook?

Just like many of us in the New Year, Twitter has taken the opportunity to make some self-improvements that will roll out over the coming weeks in the form of a comprehensive redesign. Most of the more exciting redesign elements apply only to brand pages, aiming to help fans and followers easily connect with businesses. But for Facebook users who have adopted the new timeline feature, the new Twitter brand pages may look vaguely familiar.

Disney's New Twitter Brand Page

Header Images

First of all, similar to Facebook timeline’s “cover photo,” brands will now have the option of selecting a large header image that will appear near the top of their page. Previously, Twitter only gave brands the option of their avatar or background images to display logos or promotional graphics, and background images are partially hidden by the timeline of Tweets. However, with the header images, brands can select a graphic that will display their logo or tagline more prominently, providing better marketing opportunities, as well as giving the page a more dynamic, eye-catching look.

Sticky Tweets

Brands may also choose to make a selected Tweet ‘sticky,’ meaning that Tweet will remain at the top of their news feed rather than sink in the midst of newer Tweets. Even more exciting (for us lazy Internet users, anyway), is that those sticky Tweets will embed external content, such as images and videos, within the Tweet itself, no further clicking necessary – another upgrade that mirrors Facebook’s system.

Twitter will launch the new brand pages with 21 marketers, including Disney/Pixar (seen above), American Express, Best Buy, Bing, Dell, McDonald’s, Nike and Paramount Pictures, among a handful of others, though the changes have not taken effect yet.

What do you think of the redesign features? Is Twitter becoming too much like Facebook or are the updates a step in the right direction?