Outlook 2012: A Big Year for Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to improve with widespread usability, enhanced features and the integration of social networking. Whether you are already using email marketing or have resolved to start using it, it’s important to know where email marketing is going in 2012.

Is email marketing fading out?

No, email marketing will continue to increase in 2012. People check their email more than ever with the rise of smartphones and tablets. Email marketing is a strong player and will be a crucial part of businesses’ marketing efforts. Consumers are still opting into, opening and clicking emails. As long as they remain active, organizations will keep delivering.

Tracking and ROI methods are increasingly sophisticated, and marketers have more opportunities to see how campaigns are working and where they can be improved.

How will email marketing improve?

Email marketing will improve as it becomes more segmented and subscriber-specific. Segmentation increased last year and will continue to grow. Emails will become more targeted to the individual. Subscribers will receive a dynamic version of an email based on personal attributes such as geographic location, age or interests.

How will email marketing compete with the other big players on the digital landscape?

They will collaborate rather than compete. Email marketing and social media will become more integrated and help each other. For example, social media will collect email addresses and email content will be shared via social media. These tactics will help messages gain traction and create a full-picture digital marketing campaign. Email campaigns will become more about connecting with others and offer more actionable items.

Is it too late to start using email marketing?

No. New email marketing campaigns are launched everyday. Make it a priority to start or improve email marketing this year.

And if you don’t know where to start, contact us. Parthenon’s email marketing experts offer full-service email marketing including writing, design and tracking or can set you up and send you on your way.