Honda, Matthew Broderick Have Super Bowl Ad Score

As we approach the big game this weekend, we are beginning to see “previews” of the Super Bowl ads online. Online-first release of ads is not exactly new, but it is a great way to leverage the significant investment of producing a television commercial worthy of the Super Bowl’s outrageous cost to air it. And, while we have yet to see all the ads, I predict the big winner in the Super Bowl ad buy will be Honda, with its “Matthew’s Day Off” commercial.

The ad features a modern day Broderick calling in sick to a movie studio to have a Ferris Bueller day off in his Honda CR-V. Honda scores big just with the exposure of the ad. The extended YouTube version of the ad has received more than 3.4 million views on YouTube in just four days after being released. It will likely receive many times more that before game day. In addition, Honda “hid” more than two dozen references to the original movie in the video, which viewers are asked to find and tweet to the hashtag #dayoff.

There has been some criticism of Honda mimicking the Ferrari drive scene from the movie with a CR-V. I think it works. And, if you think about where the original movie audience is age-wise 26 years after its release, a CR-V is probably not only pretty cool but also its prime demographic.

I personally like the ad because, like all engaging content, it captures my attention, draws me in, entertains me and relates to me on an emotional level. So, I think it’s a winner all by itself.