Mobile Marketing That Works

Now more than ever marketers must rely on their creativity, imagination and cunning to enhance the customer experience in new and exciting ways. Mobile is an exponentially growing and ever changing environment and it’s important to be aware of the current and potential marketplace your brands are headed toward.

Understanding the customer experience and how your audience wants to interact with your brand allows you to customize an encounter that increases satisfaction, loyalty, and ultimately revenue. Today’s mobile marketing landscape contains a sea of engaging marketing opportunities, advertising revenue streams, and enhanced customer experiences.

Once you decide to go mobile, you have to figure out what you’re going to make. There are four things to consider when developing your new mobile product.

How do my customers use mobile to make a decision?

Studies show that by 2013 more people will use their mobile device to get online than their desktop. Mobile searches have quadrupled since 2010, 50 percent of mobile searches lead to purchases and 1 of 3 searches have local intent.

How can I make their experience better?

According to research, 68 percent of consumers prefer a “made for mobile” site over the traditional “desktop” version on their mobile device and 57 percent of users would NOT recommend a business with a bad mobile site. Automatically syncing shopping carts, wish lists, and other database information that customers save allows for an easier purchase.

Are customers entertained while using my product?

Customers want to have a good experience that makes their lives easier, but they also want to be entertained while shopping. Point of Purchase displays are not restricted to the brick-and-mortar locations we’re used to; make the online experience as entertaining as the traditional POP.

How useful is this?

Things to know when developing functionalities:

•95 percent of smartphone users have searched for local information

•61 percent call a business after searching

•59 percent visit the location

•90 percent act within 24 hours.

Understand how your customers use mobile in their decision-making process, enhance their experience, entertain them if possible, be useful, and don’t interrupt. Doing these things should help your campaign be a winner.