Zombies and Google

Everyone who knows me knows I have a survival plan in place for the Zombie Apocalypse. I am always on the lookout for new information and tools to use once the dead start to rise and take over our world. Survival will be about information, no doubt about it. Knowing how and where to get supplies will play a major role in any survivor’s activities.

While Google Maps was once a place to find directions a local restaurant or family members house, it is now an imperative tool in the continued existence of mankind. This Map of the Dead: Zombie Survival Map shows us the locations of the crucial apocalypse needs like gun stores, convenience stores, and cemeteries (you want to avoid these).

Those of you who have plans in place are probably wondering why I’m suggesting the use of a map that won’t be available when the Internet goes down. There is a handy print function that will allow you to print your map and make copies so you won’t need the net.

Good luck out there; it’s gonna be a messy ride.