Brands of the World

Over the weekend my daughter introduced me to a new game app called Logos Quiz Game. Apparently we’re not the only ones enjoying this addictive game as it is ranked as one of the top free Apple App Store downloads this week.

The game involves identifying over 500 corporate logos past and present as you advance to increasingly difficult levels. Key parts of the logos are missing to make the game more challenging.  You can also utilize Twitter and Facebook to get help from friends when you get stuck.

This visual literacy test is truly amazing in what it says about our consumer culture. Corporate logos are so interwoven into our daily lives that we probably don’t frequently reflect on how many we know and how often we encounter them. They are virtually everywhere. I have at least 10 logos on my person right now, not including more than 23 in my wallet.

It is fascinating to note the various ways the more effective logos make brilliant use of color, imagery and typography to generate an almost visceral response to the brand itself, evoking memories and emotions. And to think that all of this is generated solely through a graphic design. Now that is the beauty and power of great design at work!

Many of the logos in the game come from a time before my daughter was born. Those are the ones I have the most fun identifying, not to mention it’s a rare and satisfying treat to know more about something — anything — than my 15-year-old.

Next clue, please. (I hope it’s an old one).