5 to Follow: Craft Beer and Liquor

While Tennessee has traditionally been associated with moonshine, Jack Daniels and George Dickel, Nashville (or really Middle Tennessee in general) is now holding its own in the craft brewery and distillery arena. And as Nashvillian “locavores” clamor for the latest sensation of local brews, these businesses are eager to tell them what’s on tap and where they can find it. The fastest way to spread the message to thirsty happy hour-ers? Social media, of course… Follow our 5 favorites today to see how Nashville has become a powerhouse of alcoholic variety.

  • Calfkiller Brewing Company splashed into the craft brewery scene as the non-traditional, quirky curiosity of Nashville beers. With small-batch hand-crafted ales that don’t fall in any traditional style or category, Calfkiller has produced winners like Grassroots Ale, Scorned Hooker and even Sergio’s Ole Evil Ass Devil Bullshit Ale. Most recently, they captivated Nashvillian hearts through Facebook posts and videos that directly took on the Budweiser monopoly and responded to some rather negative allegations.
    Catch up with these crazy cats in their Facebook and Twitter pages.
  • While Corsair Artisan Distillery is one of the few craft liquor distilleries rising to the scene in Nashville, they get a social media superstar award because of their devotion to the local alcohol industry as a whole. These guys do a great job of tweeting out local brewers’ specials or promoting their taprooms whenever Corsair is closed. And they also make some mighty fine whiskey.
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  • Since they opened in 2003, Yazoo Brewing Company is valued as the original craft beer pioneer in Nashville. They have quite a following as a sponsor of many local events, with a taproom that hosts events and parties for local organizations and through solid word-of-mouth (most Nashvillians love to brag about an ice cold Dos Perros!). On social, they often advertise events that will serve their beer and send well thought-out, tailored responses to their many fans’ comments.
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  • As Nashville’s only women-owned brewery, Jackalope Brewing Company capitalizes off of the personal brands of its two founders as well as its excellent brand of beer. And by quickly highlighting all PR opportunities on social media, as well as advertising the taproom and any events that they are a part of, these ladies make drinking Jackalope one big social outing.
    Check out their great work on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Both an excellent restaurant and a craft brewery, Blackstone Brewpub and Brewery excels at social media through its dedication and support for community beer events. By sharing events from other local beer sponsors and even offering Blackstone Beer School classes, Blackstone is raising the beer bar in Nashville.
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Nashville is a thriving creative hub of local pride and talented businesses. As marketers by trade and Nashville enthusiasts by choice, Parthenon wants to celebrate organizations employing creative marketing, advertising and social media efforts in our hometown!

This post is the 5th in a series that highlights excellent Facebook pages, Twitter handles, YouTube videos and Pinterest boards that show Nashvillians contribute much more than honky tonks, hot chicken and country music. Check back to see who you should be following in Parthenon’s Socially Savvy 5 to Follow.