5 to Follow: Nashville Sports Teams

Historically, Nashville has been known for its music, food and southern hospitality more than its ever been called a sports town. But recently, Nashville has become home to some of the leagues’ best sports teams and the best fans in the game.

In putting together today’s 5 to follow, we checked out the social presence of some of our favorite Nashville teams. Despite the fact that they play different games, we noticed they all have something in common: they are all equally impressive with their social media presence and incredibly engaged with their large fan bases.

preds playoff crowd

  • The Nashville Predators have touted some impressive wins in recent years, and Nashvillians have taken note! The Preds most recently used their social media to boost Nashville pride by posting requests to “Vote for Pekka!” Pekka Rinne was nominated for the cover of the new NHL ’13 EA Sports video game, which to those who aren’t aware, is a very big deal for a player. Only one player gets this honor each year. They have alos leverage their video expertise by playing on the “Most interesting man” campaign in this video.
    Follow them now: @PredsNHL & Facebook
  • The Tennessee Titans offer a great insight to the team through their Facebook page by consistently posting pictures of players and coaches with exclusive videos only found on their page. They host contest for fans to enter and win tickets and awesome prizes like Jake Locker jerseys or Chris Johnson cleats. They know their fans are passionate about their team and the Titans host tweet -ups, player visits, and all sort of charitable events to let their fans know how much they are appreciated.
    Follow them now: @tennesseetitans & Facebook
  • Although Nashville doesn’t have a major league baseball team, The Nashville Sounds give us a show to be proud of. Our Sounds are always offering exclusive promotions and giveaways through their social media pages. You can always stay o the know by following them on twitter. They are very passionate about giving back to the fans and use their page background as a showpiece for their fans.
    Follow them now: @nashvillesounds & Facebook
  • While the Nashville Rollergirls aren’t your run of the mill sports team, I don’t anyone could say they aren’t athletes. These ladies work and play hard at one of the most intense games in town. If you’ve never been to a game, I highly suggest you go. This team would make even the largest linebacker cringe at some of the hits they punish their opponents with. Unfortunately the season is fairly short but lucky for us they post lots of pictures so we can enjoy their game photos and antics all year long!
    Follow them now: @NashRollerGirls & Facebook
  • The Nashville Grizzlies are our very own rugby team. You may be thinking, football, baseball, hockey, rollergirls, all makes sense. But RUGBY? In Nashville? Yep, thats right, we are a rugby town. You can watch, play, or drink with the team at any moment. These guys are fantastic so if you can; jump into one of their pub-crawls or even check out a game. I’m sure there will be beer. Good on ya boys! 
    Follow them now: @Grizzlies_Rugby & Facebook

As marketers, we often write or talk about how to run a successful social campaign and reference big brands’ new and exciting efforts, but we are always touting the same foundational message: engage with your people. Nashville’s teams embody that message fully and do a fantastic job connecting with their fans. Be sure to check them out!