5 to Follow: Nashville Bars – Part 2

Well, well, well, Nashville. Looks like we’ve finally found your sweet spot. And to no one’s surprise: It’s bars! All of our mothers are very proud.

Seriously, though, the original 5 to Follow post for Nashville Bars got a great response, and since there are so many socially active watering holes in Music City, we’re bringing you round 2.

Pop open a cold one and let’s take a look.

  • Fleet Street Pub. If you’re in the market for a new downtown bar that’s a little less honky tonk and a little more gastro pub, look no further than Printer’s Alley. Opened last year, Fleet Street will cure your craving for classic British fare – their Shepherd’s Pie and Fish & Chips are fantastic – and you can end your night with a friendly game of darts. Fleet Street uses social to keep its customers up-to-date on specials, share witty sayings, and spark lively debates between soccer fans before big matches. Plus, our editor Nancy‘s husband owns the joint, so we know they’re good people. 
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  • Broadway Brewhouse. There is nothing better than a bushwhacker on a hot day. Or a cold day. Or a rainy day. Or a Tuesday. If you’ve never tried this grown up version of a Frosty, get up from your desk and go there immediately. With five locations, you can’t be more than 3 minutes from one. Brewhouse is also part of the legitimately good bar food movement with their Panama Wings, Big Daddy Quesadilla and N’awlins quality gumbo. With social media, Brewhouse uses its various Facebook pages to tout daily specials, and fans often come calling with unsolicited compliments. Also, Brewhouse takes pictures like this:
This is what one might call "Southern Badassery."
  • The Pharmacy Burger Parlor & Beer Garden. Another new biz shaping the East Nashville culinary scene, The Pharmacy came into social media with a vengeance. (Is it possible to start something with “a vengeance” or does it have to be revenge-related to get the Bruce Willis treatment? Whatever. They’re killing it is what I’m saying.) Aside from posting all of the great pub they’ve been getting lately, The Pharmacy also gives its fans amazing teaser photos, from their insane Farm Burger or their Framboise Beer Float. Because why should the kids get to have all the fun?
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    Framboise Beer Float from The Pharmacy's FB page
  • South Street. This place has been a Nashville go-to for years, and there is absolutely no better spot than “the Tree House” (a.k.a. the upstairs bar) to spend a balmy fall afternoon. Whether you hit it up on Sunday for all-you-can-eat crawfish (during season) or you just go to get your crab leg fix, you can always find a cold, frosty beer to wash it down with. South Street also amps up their social presence with contests. Just yesterday they gave away a free lunch for two their 1,000th “Like.” Now that’s how you put your money where your mouth is in the social sphere.
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  • Tootsie’s World Famous Orchid Lounge. If you want to get classic with your choice of bar, there is nowhere more Nashville Honky Tonk than Tootsie’s. On Facebook they stick to a foolproof formula of posting their favorite country music videos. On Twitter they take a more real-time approach, calling out birthdays of country legends like Waylon Jennings and posting pictures of CMA Fest. They’re even bringing Nashville culture to people passing through with more live music at their Nashville airport location. So sidle up for a sip and a song next time you’re on your way out of town.
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