Seize the Olympic Marketing Competition

Many marketers are utilizing Olympic hype in their advertising campaigns, no matter what they are trying to sell. I’ve seen “go for the gold” furniture sales, summer games trivia competitions and athletes in paper towel commercials. The summer, particularly a summer culminating with the Olympic games, is a prime time to spin a new marketing campaign – no matter what you’re selling.

For example, in email marketing, a huge influence on customer engagement is relevance. Subscribers are more likely to open emails and click links when the content includes current events. Summer in general – weather, travel, relaxation – and current events, such as the Olympics, are pertinent topics to subscribers.  One report on TheDrum, found “a 16% increase in open rates already witnessed this year for emails that mention the Olympics in the subject line, customers are showing an ever-increasing enthusiasm for the Games.” Current seasonal events can tie into your business even if you aren’t selling a beach vacation or sporting equipment.

Try using the Olympics or whatever is going on in the world – current events, sporting competitions, holidays and news – to your advantage in your next email marketing campaign.