Airing of Thanks: A Pre-Festivus Parthenon Tradition

Let it never be said that we are not a thankful bunch.

On any given week, you can hear the people of Parthenon giving thanks for the things that really matter. Like primo parking spots. Or tiny, well-dressed animals. Or snatching that last Fat Tire at weekly fun events.

In order to give you a more complete picture of our gratitude, we took a little poll. Check out the responses below to find out what we at Parthenon are thankful for.

The one thing we all agree on? Our clients. Without you, we quite literally would not be here, so we are most thankful for your business and your friendship.

Well, that and turkey. We are really thankful for turkey.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Andy Hobbs:

I am thankful for Turduckens and deep fryers. And overeating.

Ashley Akin:

I am thankful for BOO. Partly because he is crazyface adorable and partly because Cadence hates his cute little guts.

Ashley Drinnon:

I’m thankful for breaded cats. They make every day more enjoyable and act as a threat for my 2 heathens at home.

Bobby Stark:

I’m thankful for these wonderful girls. They light up my life.

Cadence Turpin:

I am thankful for ol’ Ruby, my red Schwinn. She keeps me young and plus she sports this bad-a “DJ” bike bell I scored in Portlandia (thank you, city of bike-loving hipsters)!


Candace Price:

I’m thankful for my sweet husband and my family!

Carlton Davis:

I’m thankful for my Martin 000-15M for its perfect blend of vintage features and modern technology, exceptional tone, playability and classic Martin good looks. Oh, and it smells good.

Chrissy Sievers:

I’m thankful for my wonderful family!

Danielle Turner:

I’m thankful I’m not the only dork in the world. I feel loved <3.

Eric King:

I am thankful for Ginger. The dog, not the food. And I’m thankful I’m not in the office today to watch Akin butcher this blog code.

Jacky Kuerzi:

I am thankful for the most winningest college basketball program. They make every November through April the best time of the year!

James Coates:

I am thankful for my wife Martha, my dog Lucy, and my (arriving in December) son James “Baller” Coates Jr. [Editorial rights may have been taken with the naming of the baby. Not sorry.]

Joe Morris:

I am thankful for working appendages. I have images from the shoulder surgery, if you like. Or it’s on YouTube. [Offer declined.]

Michael Nott:

I am thankful for a good, long bike ride.

Nancy Henderson:

I am thankful that there’s always someone willing to restock the candy jar.

Nicole Provonchee:

My family. It was a very, very long road to make this family – and well worth it!