Getting Savvy on #GivingTuesday

It’s no secret that in recent years, breeding a socially conscious brand has been a huge component in many businesses’ success. The younger generations want to feel more connected to what they consume and to believe that their purchase multiplies or helps meet some larger need.

That’s why when I saw the hashtag #GivingTuesday pop up in my twitter feed the Tuesday after Cyber Monday, I was intrigued. Could this mean we’re breaking out of our reputed selfish, consumer-based society?

Maybe. But I wasn’t exactly as twinkly-eyed as much as I was impressed by what appeared to be an ingenious social marketing campaign.

Think about it: Cyber Monday is no doubt extremely successful for many online stores and social-savvy businesses. However, the Internet is a big place and on holidays like Cyber Monday, it just gets bigger and louder. It can even become impossible to figure out which source has the better deal on holiday candles or a knit scarf for your sister. Deals become deals with all the rest, and the only mode of competition is a lower price tag.

But now comes #GivingTuesday with the fairest price tag of them all: the one that gives back.  Socially conscious brands and nonprofits have become so popular in recent years that more and more people are choosing to pay full price for a product with impact over a product that’s just a downright great deal. re-posted Instagrams of people publishing their #GivingTuesday contributions.

What’s endearing is that I do believe the heart of #GivingTuesday is giving back and combating a consumer-based culture. However, it’s also a brilliant campaign to deafen non-socially conscious brands, generate buzz, and ultimately grow revenue or funding.  It’s no secret that social impact has become the x-factor for many product and service marketing plans, and I think successful nonprofits and businesses such as Charity Water or FashionABLE would testify to that.

An example of the buzz created on Twitter.

Thus #GivingTuesday answered the new consumer’s question, “how will my purchases benefit me and others?” Google it and you’ll see that many retail companies partnered with charities to strategically reach the socially conscious shopper as well.

A few of my favorite socially conscious brands that you can find in Nashville are:

  • FashionABLE’s scarves – Catch me wearing the Saba in “rust” most days around the office. HQs are right here in Nashville and you can pick out the right one for you in various boutiques around town (such as Whole Body in Green Hills).
  • Warby Parker glasses – Because if I’m going to pay to see 20/20, I might as well ensure that a nearsighted kid in South America gets a pair, too! Love my Bensons in greystone. Bonus: You can now try on their frames at Imogene + Willie off 12 South.
  • Nisolo Shoes – Giving never felt so good. By far the most comfortable shoe to meet my foot, this is also a microfinance project that helps Peruvians sustain their families. Just say yes to these Harpers, ladies. Just say yes.

What are your favorite brands that give back?