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Tools For Smaller Employers Seeking Employees

Parthenon recently needed to find a new, talented, digitally savvy strategist to help grow our team*. To be sure we were reaching as large a pool of applicants as possible and leveraging the latest and greatest job posting tools available, I reached out to a few marketing-savvy friends and asked them how their companies found great people.

To my surprise, I found many small- to medium-sized companies also were struggling with how to find smart people. Almost every company was doing the exact same thing: Posting the job on their website and LinkedIn – and then waiting for the applications to pour in.

So what are some of the best practices in 2013 for finding smart people? Based on input from my  peers and recent articles about corporate hiring practices, I have identified the following top tips:

Screen Shot 2013-03-20 at 11.23.57 AM1. LinkedIn is still one of the best ways around to find talent at all levels. The pricing to post a job is competitive and, according to social media expert Eric Qualman, two new members join LinkedIn every  second. If your company has more than 5 or so openings a year, it is worth checking out some of LinkedIn’s “Talent Solutions” for companies.

2. Good old fashioned networking is key. Word of mouth marketing – and that includes social media word of mouth – remains one of the best ways to find great people. Sending emails to peers is just the start. Make sure you share the job on your own LinkedIn account and promote it via your personal Facebook and Twitter accounts. Encourage other employees to do the same. Link to the LinkedIn listing on your website.

Parthenon is Hiring3. Post about the job on your own website and corporate social media pages. OK, sounds obvious, but some smaller companies forget this simple step. Be creative. When Parthenon was looking for our new digital strategist, we created a custom timeline graphic for the top of our Facebook page.

4. Consider specialty job boards. MediaBistro is a good site for finding marketing/communication types. has a job board that offers lots of jobs in the digital/web/social space, as well as a variety of marketing jobs. Most industries have job boards that are specific to that type of job. It takes a bit of research, but specialty sites can help you find more niche type employees. Remember, many of these boards are national, so you may want to think about if you company will offer relocation expenses for the “right” person.

5. Consider local job boards. Local business journals offer job boards. In Nashville, the Nashville Business Journal offers a job board that offers employers job listings at a fairly competitive price (interestingly, at $295, it is about $100 more than LinkedIn).

6. Consider posting on Indeed, but check to see if your job is already up there first. Indeed is a job board aggregator that pulls in jobs from postings all over the web. So before you pay Indeed to post your job, see if it is already there (and check just how far down the page it is listed!). Indeed does offer ways for companies to post jobs on its site and receive premium listings – and it may be worth a small fee to get your job listed higher in the long list of postings.

Do you have any strategies that have worked well for your small to medium-sized company? We would love to hear about them. Leave a comment below!

*Just an added footnote to this article – we FOUND a talented new digital media strategist – Matt Thieleman – and we found him through LinkedIn’s job board. Stay tuned for great things coming from him soon!