Your Personal Font Creator


From the time of the caveman, the need to leave a personal mark existed. Early man had nothing but some crude tools and cave walls, but used them to create pictures that said: “This is me. This is my story.”

Fonts for everyone

We’ve got a lot more to work with now — just pull down the font menu in Word or Pages and you have tons of choices. Less than 20 years ago the only people who ever talked about fonts were graphic artists types — now everyone not only knows about fonts, they have favorites and least favorites. There are even font jokes and movies.


iPad Type foundry

Still, most people could only choose from the fonts that others spent enormous time and effort designing. Your personal mark was really a matter of selection rather than creation. Which is why  iFontMaker is so amazing. In just a few minutes you can create your own hand font on an iPad. Ideal for your own handwriting font, it can also be used by the more artistic or experimental among us to create something wacky, cute or sophisticated.

Fast and cheap is usually not the way to go with design, but iFontMaker may be the exception that proves the rule.

Handwritten fonts for free!

But if your handwriting is not so readable or pretty, and you still want to put a distinctive stamp on your invitation, newsletter or other work, you can download a number of free handwritten fonts at